Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I know its been around for ages, but I've finally got around to trying "dropbox". If you haven't heard, it allows you to synchronise folders across different PC's.
How it works is you install the software on your different PC's (work laptop, home PC) and then you have a folder called "My Dropbox". When you add or modify a file in this folder it automagically appears on the other PC when you
switch it on. It's really simple and is great for sharing files between PC's instead of putting them on a USB stick or emailing them etc.

You can also set up shared folders that other people can access.

The clever bit is that you can log onto the website on your iPhone and
access all your documents and photos from there too. So it's good for
storing photos easily and being able to see them on your iPhone.

The client software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

There's 2 GB of storage for free, or if you sign up via my referral link below, we both get an extra 0.25gb of space free.


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