Monday, 31 December 2012

Huawei E220 Mobile USB 3G Dongle in Mountain Lion

I bought a cheap used Huawei E220 Mobile USB 3G Dongle off eBay to go with my GiffGaff SIM Card. As its quite old now, getting it to work under Mac OS X Mountain Lion required a little extra effort.

The dongle I bought was unlocked, but one that is locked to o2 should also work fine, as GiffGaff uses o2's network.

First download the "3Connect" software from here (even though this software is intended for the Three mobile network, it works fine).

Once you have installed it, open the "3Connect Setup Assistant" and follow the instructions, creating a custom profile.

The settings for the GiffGaff network are below (just use "password" as the password).

Once you have created a profile, you should be able to open the "3Connect" app and check you have reception...

Click to connect, and it should be as easy as that.

There's also a monitor in the "Usage" tab that shows how much data you have used.

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