Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mounting QNAP from Linux

Accessing the QNAP from Ubuntu is fairly easy.

Firefox Backspace Button

For some reason, by default in Ubuntu, pressing the "backspace" key in Firefox doesn't go back. Fortunately this is easy to fix: -

Open your firefox browser and type the following code into the address bar:


After that in the filter type:


and change it's value to "0".

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fonts in Ubuntu 8.10

By default in Ubuntu 8.10 the fonts aren't great. To fix this, first install the Microsoft Truetype fonts: -

Ubuntu 8.10 Under VirtualBox

Ubuntu 8.10 works great under Sun's Virtual Box. To get everything working perfectly, you need to install "Guest Additions". This is done by selecting "Install Guest Additions" from the VirtualBox Menu, and then entering the following into a terminal: -

Monday, 25 August 2008

rsync on the QNAP TS-101

rsync is a useful application which synchronizes files and folders between devices. The QNAP TS-101 supports this (with a bit of fiddling).

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Linux Media Centres

I'm toying with the idea of creating a Media Centre PC running Linux. Here are the main contendors for Linux Media Centres that I can find.

Twonky Supported Clients

The latest firmware for the QNAP TS-101 (Version 2.3.0-Build 080618) includes an upgrade to TwonkyMedia V4.4.5

Here's a list of compatible clients from their website.

DeltaCopy - rsync for Windows

DeltaCopy is a free piece of software for Windows that allows you to interface with other computers running rsync. Basically, it is a "Windows Friiendly" wrapper around rsync. It is fairly easy to use, and also allows you to run rsync from the command line without having to install CygWin.

AJAX Libraries API

The "AJAX Libraries API" is a google-sponsored initiative that hosts key javascript libraries: -

Linksys WRT54GL Super Router

I've recently bought a Linksys WRT54GL Router. This is a great little unit that allows you to upload custom firmware.

After playing around with DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and Tomato, I finally settled on Tomato. The features are too many to list here so here's a link to the Wiki.

There's also a great article on Lifehacker here.

Multi-Platform Applications is a great little website that gives a summary of software that runs on a combination of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Great for if you have different PC's running different OS's and want to use the same software.

Graphs and Charts

Open Flash Chart is a great way to include fancy graphs and charts on your web site. There are plenty of examples and tutorials on the site - it's really easy to use.

Nintendo DS Lite Homebrew

I have a DS Lite, and its great for running homebrew applications. The easiest way to do this is by buying a TopToy DSTT Multimedia Card (like this one) together with a compatible Micro SD card (such as this one).

After this, its a simple matter of downloading the software, copying the DSTT files onto the Micro SD card, and copying some homebrew software onto it. There's a great run-down of popular homebrew applications here.

Web Page Backgrounds

Sometimes, you just need a simple background for a web page. BgPatterns is a great free website that allows you to create your own tiled/repeating backgrounds - ideal for web pages or desktops.

Book Comparison Website

Usually, I just order books from Amazon without checking anywhere else, but it's worth checking on Book Butler as Amazon aren't necessarily the cheapest.

Totally Free Burner

I've just found a great small new free piece of software : Totally Free Burner. This software burns audio, video, data, and ISO CDs and DVDs in just a few clicks. Great if you don't need the bloat of Nero or Roxio etc.

Hard Drive for QNAP TS-101

Unfortunately, the QNAP Compatibility List doesn't have any Samsung drives listed as being tested, so I've had to try another brand in my TS-101.

I've opted for a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 500-GB Hard Drive which seems to get good reviews.

Hopefully it will support spin-down - I'll report more when I've tried it.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

QNAP TS-101 Telnet Access

The latest firmware (2.3.0 Build 080618) for the QNAP TS-101 has telnet enabled by default.

To access the device, use something like PuTTY to connect via port 13131. The user name is "administrator", and the password is the administrator that you set via the QNAP web interface.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Friday, 8 August 2008

Changing Speedtouch 585 to Bridged Mode

I have internet access (24 Meg ADSL) from Be that comes with a free Speedtouch 585 Wireless Modem/Router (aka BeBox). Unfortunately, while it's great for connecting via ADSL2+, it's not that good at anything else.

I much prefer my Linksys WRT54GL for general network stuff, running Tomato firmware.

All is not lost - it's fairly easy to set the BeBox to work in "Bridged mode": -