Sunday 30 December 2012

Installing SL4A on Alcatel Android Phone

The first thing to do on my new cheapo Android phone is to install Scripting Layer for Android and Python on it.
Here's a quick guide...

1. Install SL4A
  • Go to this page from your device and click the barcode.
    • The file "sl4a_r6.apk" should be downloaded.
  • Click on "Download" (you may have to go to settings to allow non-Market apps to be installed)
  • Click "Install"
    • SL4A is now installed
2. Install Python Interpreter
  • Start SL4A
  • Press Menu -> View -> Interpreters
  • Press Menu -> Add
  • Select "Python 2.6.2" - this will download the necessary package
  • After the download is complete, swipe down the notificatons area and select "PythonForAndroid_r5.apk" and press "Install"
  • Once installed, you need to go to the "Python for Android" app and press the "Install" button within it.
    • Various files will be downloaded and installed - eventually you will get the message "Installation Successful"
  • Go back into the SL4A app and you should see "Python 2.6.2" listed as an interpreter
That's it!

The API Reference is essential, and this page also has some useful information.

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