Sunday 1 September 2013

Installing Streamripper on Mac OS X via Homebrew

Here's a quick post on how to install "streamripper" on OS X, with a little help from homebrew.

1. Install homebrew

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

2. Check installation

brew doctor

3. Fix any issues

I had the message "Warning: /usr/bin occurs before /usr/local/bin"...

To fix this, edit "/etc/paths" and change the order of the directories.

On re-running "brew doctor", you should hopefully now get the message "Your system is ready to brew."

4. Install "streamripper"

brew install streamripper

5. Run streamripper

streamripper http://(your stream URL here)

6. Play files

If you want to listen to your MP3 recordings from the command-line, you can use the built-in OS X "afplay" command.

afplay file.mp3

Homebrew Notes

Here are some additional notes on homebrew.

Software is installed into directories inside "/usr/local/Cellar/" with symbolic links created in "/usr/local/bin".

For example, after installing "streamripper", a directory "/usr/local/Cellar/streamripper" will be created (along with some other dependencies), and a symbolic link "/usr/local/bin/streamripper" will be created which points to "../Cellar/streamripper/1.64.6/bin/streamripper"

To get the latest packages and homebrew: -

brew update 

Upgrade the installed software with: -

brew upgrade

These commands can be combined as: -

brew update && brew upgrade

To uninstall softeare: -

brew uninstall imagemagick

There is a great on-line package browser here:

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